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    हीरोज ऑफ 26/11: तुकाराम ओंबले | Heroes of 26/11: Tukaram Ombale

    Heroes of 26/11: Terrorists armed with AK-47s broke sticks with Kasab on sticks 

          On 26 November 2008, India's financial capital Mumbai was attacked by 10 terrorists. These terrorists were trained in the attack by Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI and Lashkar-e-Taiba.        हिंदी में पढ़े के लिए क्लिक करें

    हीरोज ऑफ 26/11: एके-47 से लैस आतंकी कसाब पर लाठी लेकर टूट पड़े थे तुकाराम ओंबले | Heroes of 26/11: Terrorists armed with AK-47s broke sticks with Kasab on sticks
    Tukaram Ombale
    01. Many soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces and the Mumbai Police were martyred in thwarting this attack. One of them was Assistant Police Inspector Tukaram Ombale working in Mumbai Police. Shaheed Tukaram Ombale had a tough fight with terrorist Ajmal Kasab without any weapon. Kasab had an AK-47 in his hand, which made him sack Ombale. Despite being shot in the chest, Omble held Kasab firmly until Pran left him.

    02. Let us remember the martyrdom of martyr Tukaram Ombale, knowing how he caught Ajmal Kasab alive by putting his life at stake.

    03. The first attack took place at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. 

    04. Terrorists started targeting people in many areas of South Mumbai at 9:20 pm on 26 November. Within an hour of this attack, about 100 people were brutally killed.

    05. The first attack on Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus by two terrorists. Around 60 people died in this indiscriminate firing at the CST railway station.

    हीरोज ऑफ 26/11: एके-47 से लैस आतंकी कसाब पर लाठी लेकर टूट पड़े थे तुकाराम ओंबले | Heroes of 26/11: Terrorists armed with AK-47s broke sticks with Kasab on sticks
    Attack of 26/11
    06. Terrorists Mohammad Ajmal Kasab and Ismail Khan continued to kill people at CST for about two and a half hours.

    07. The station was blood red. After attacking the CST railway station, terrorist Ajmal Kasab went to Cama Hospital with his partner Ismail Khan.

    08. Here he attacked a police team. He killed six police officers including the ATS chief and kidnapped his jeep.

    09. At around 12.10 pm the same night a police car got out of the street near Cama Hospital.
         Media personnel covering the terrorist attacks were present here with their cameras. He saw this vehicle coming out of the street and its pictures were captured in cameras too. Suddenly, two terrorists sitting in this car started firing.
         People did not know that terrorists are sitting in this police van. Who has just killed 3 very capable and brave officers of Mumbai Police Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar.

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    10. Two people died on the spot in this attack, including a policeman posted in plain clothes. After killing these officers, they started riding in police vans to target Mumbai.

    11. Run from the car towards Girgaum Chowpatty. Some police officers were already searching the vehicles at Girgaum Chowpatty at some distance from here at 12.20 pm.
         At this time, there were frequent messages of attack on the Oberoi Hotel and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on wireless. The police control room alerted these police officers posted at Girgaum Chowpatty that the terrorists leaving the police van were riding in a silver colored sedan and heading north. This path was going directly towards Girgaum Chowpatty. Where some policemen were already stationed.

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    12. At around 12.30 pm, a Skoda vehicle stopped at a distance of 50 feet from the barricades on seeing the police force. This was the same vehicle, about which he was informed by the police control room.
         The policemen could not see the view inside the vehicle, so the terrorists started the biper by running water on the windscreen of the vehicle. As soon as the policemen asked them to disembark, the terrorists took a right turn with the intention of turning the car back. In a hurry to go fast, the car stopped near the divider. A team of police present on the spot pointed towards their pistol car and proceeded from the right side. Then the firing started. In this shootout on both sides, a terrorist who was driving was killed. The other terrorist sitting next to him seemed injured. After this firing, there was silence.

    13. Tukaram Ombale caught one alive Now the policemen started trying to see whether the two terrorists sitting inside were dead or if any one was alive. To see this, Sub-Inspector Tukaram Ombale from the left, moved towards him without holding a stick in his hand. There were more policemen behind them. The car door was closed now. As Tukaram Ombale opened the door next to the driver. Terrorists Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab shot him with his AK-47 rifle.
    हीरोज ऑफ 26/11: एके-47 से लैस आतंकी कसाब पर लाठी लेकर टूट पड़े थे तुकाराम ओंबले | Heroes of 26/11: Terrorists armed with AK-47s broke sticks with Kasab on sticks
    तुकाराम ओंबले 
    14. The bullets pierced his chest and stomach and crossed over. Despite this, he did not let the rifle out of his strong grip. Meanwhile, the other police officers who were there pulled the terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab out of the car. So far Tukaram Ombale had died due to 5 bullets.

    15. In this way, a terrorist was caught by the Mumbai Police about 3 hours after the attack on Leopold Cafe. 166 people were killed

    16. A total of 166 people died in this brutal terrorist attack that shook the city alive for 3 days. 9 out of 10 terrorists were killed. At the same time, terrorist Ajmal Kasab was caught alive alone. This surviving terrorist later confessed in the statements to the police that how the plan of this attack was prepared in Pakistan.

    17. On 3 May 2010, a special court hearing the attack convicted terrorist Ajmal Kasab on charges of 80 offenses like murder, conspiracy and waging war in India.

    18. On May 6, 2010, Kasab was sentenced to death.

    19. And in this way terrorist Kasab was hanged in Pune's Yerwada jail on November 21, 2012 at 7:30 am.

    20. At the same time, the brave officer of the Mumbai Police, Shaheed Tukaram Ombale, was awarded the Ashok Chakra by the Government of India for displaying exclusive valor and valor.

    21. The pyre of martyrs will be put on the fair country every year, this will be the remaining mark of those who die!

    22. The place where Ajmal Kasab was caught by this unarmed soldier of Mumbai Police. Today the idol of martyr Tukaram Ombale, which is there, gives this message.


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