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    सूरज के बारे में रोचक तथ्य | Interesting facts about Sun

    You would not know these things about Sun! 

    Interesting facts about sun
    Interesting facts about sun
    1. Whether it is day or night, whenever you are reading this fact or doing anything at all, then the 10 lakh billion (1013) neutrons left by Surya are passing through your body.

    2. Solar System weighs 99.24% of the sun.

    3. If the size of the sun is reduced to a football and Jupiter's golf hair, then the size of the earth will be less than a pea.

    4. Sun Light takes 8 minutes 17 seconds to come to earth from sun.

    5. There are total 108 names of Surya in Sanskrit language.

    6. If you believe that you live on the surface of the sun, then the rocket you have to prepare to come to Earth should have an initial speed of 618 km / s.

    7. Sun is a gas sphere. It is composed of 72% Hydrogen, 26% Helium and 2% Carbon & Oxygen and the rest of it is made up of many heavy elements like oxygen, carbon, iron and neon.

    8. The temperature of the outer surface of the sun is 5500 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of the inner part is 10 million degrees Celsius.

    9. Surya produces massive amounts of solar wind which contains particles like electrons and protons. This wind is so strong (about 450 kilometers per second) and powerful that the existing electrons and protons in it also exude the powerful gravity of the sun.

    10. Planets with a powerful magnetic field such as the Earth turn such particles before they reach the Earth. (Be careful not to change the magnetic field of the atmosphere.)

     Sun Eclipse -

    11. Sun eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the earth and the sun. This condition lasts for at most 20 minutes.

    12. Everywhere on Earth, a sun eclipse is definitely visible once in 360 days. Sun Eclipse takes place only 5 times in a year. The Sun Eclipse lasts for 7 minutes 40 seconds but the entire Sun Eclipse lasts for 20 minutes.

    13. The mass (weight) of Surya is about 1.989 * 1030 kg.

    14. In every second sun, 7 million tonnes of hydrogen is converted into 69.5 million tonnes of helium and 5 lakh tonnes of gamma rays are left.

    15. The weight of each sacrificial sun is reduced by 5 million tons.

    16. The pressure of the interior of the sun is 340 billion times more than the pressure of the earth's atmosphere. The density of the interior of the sun is 150 times the density of water present on the earth.

    17. If a piece of cheese is placed on the surface of the earth from the center of the sun, then no rock and nothing can prevent it from being rubbed up to 150 kilometers inside the earth.

    18. The surface area of ​​the sun is 11990 times the area of ​​the earth.

    19. Surya's gravity is 28 times more than the Earth. Meaning that if your weight on the earth is 60 kg then on the sun it will be 1680 kg.

    20. Sun is not solid like earth. It is made up of whole gases of Sara.

    21. The gravity of Surya is so powerful that the planet Paluto, which is 6 billion kilometers away, is also rotating in its orbit due to its gravity.

    22. If an object falls within the radius of 20 lakh 22 thousand kilometers of the Sun, then the Sun will pull it towards itself.

    23. The light takes 5 hours 30 minutes to reach Pluto from the sun.

    24. Just like our earth completes a round in front of its axle in 24 hours, so the sun completes one round in 25 days in front of its axle.

    25. Since Surya was born, it has traveled the galaxy only 20 times. It takes 250 million years to complete a round.

    26. The amount of energy generated from a square centimeter of sun will be enough to wake up 64 bulbo of 100 watts.

    27. The amount of energy that the sun reaches on earth is 6000 times more than the energy consumed by whole humans.

    28. The amount of energy the earth gets through sun in 30 days is more than the energy consumed by humans for the last 40,000 years.

    29. If we assume that the brightness of the sun does not reach the earth one day, then the earth will completely freeze like snow in a few hours, the whole earth will become like the southern side on the northern side.

    30. Norwegian is only  an area where the sun shines continuously for 3 and a half months.

    31. 1 billion 10 million years later, the sun will start shining 10 percent more than now. Earth's atmosphere and its humidity will fly into space due to extreme temperatures.

    32. After 5 billion years from now, the sun will start shining 40 percent more than now. The water of all the seas, oceans and rivers will fly into space as a water body.

    33. After 5 billion 40 crores years from now, all the hydrogen in the sun will end and it will start to end.

    Comparison of Common Sun and Red Monster:-

    34. From now 7 billion 70 crore years, Surya will take the form of red demon. It will grow almost 200 times and reach the planet Buddha.

    35. After 7 billion 90 million years, the sun will turn into a white sower, then its size will be just like the planet Venus.

    36. Sun is the biggest object of our solar system. It is so big that it can contain 1.3 million earths.

    37. There are also 5% stars in the galaxy which are larger and brighter than the sun.

    38. The 70 million tonnes of Hydrogen present on the sun is changing every second into 69.5 million tonnes of Helium and 5 million tonnes of Gamma Rays. This is the reason for the strong sunlight.

    39. Even if the sun comes to the earth as the tip of a pencil, even from 145 kilometers away, you will be burnt to death.

    40. The Sun is 14.96 million kilometers from Earth. If a leopard starts running from the earth today, it will take 151 years to reach the sun. The leopard has a speed of about 120 kilometers per hour.

    41. The average speed of a gunshot is 1,126 feet per second. If this bullet is shot towards the sun, then it will take 14 years to reach there.

    42. If all the energy of one hour of the sun is converted into electricity with the help of solar panels, then it will be equal to one year's electricity consumption of the world.

    43. Every second the sun is emitting as much as a bomb of nuclear bombs.

    44. Nuclear fusion takes place inside the Sun, it is exactly like the action that occurs when a hydrogen bomb explodes.

    45. The true color of the Sun is white because of its atmosphere, it appears yellow.

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