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    सपनों के 32 हैरान कर देने वाले तथ्य | 32 Surprising Facts of Dreams

         What are dreams Everyone knows this. But now after reading these interesting facts about dreams, you will feel that you had very little knowledge about dreams.

    सपनों के 32 हैरान कर देने वाले तथ्य | 32 Surprising Facts of Dreams

    1. A person cannot dream when he is whipping.

    2. If a person tells you that he does not have dreams, it means that he has forgotten his dreams.

    3. An average person dreams 4 dreams a night and 1,460 dreams a year.

    4. You will never remember where your dream started.

    5. You forget half your dreams after waking up and 90% dreams ten minutes later.

    6. Blind people also have dreams. People who become blind after birth see pictures in their dreams. But those who are blind since birth do not see any picture and in their dreams only the sounds, smells, touches and feelings of things come.
    4. In dreams, we only see faces, which we already know. Our brain does not make faces on its own. In dreams, we see only those faces which we have given to our lives. But are seen

    8. Not everyone's dreams are colorful. Not all human beings have colorful dreams.

    9. Most dreams are anxiety and worrying. Negative emotions are more than positive in dreams.

    10. Animals also see dreams. Studies have shown that animals also leave brain waves like humans at bedtime. Sometimes you see a dog sleeping. He must have been shaking his legs as if chasing someone.

    11. Dreams of men and women are different. Approximately 70% of the dreams of men are about other men while the dreams of women are about both men and women.

    12. Federica Ogst devised a complex chemical formula like Benzene (C6H6), he is also grateful to the dream. They saw some snakes in their dreams that were eating their tails.

    13. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US president, told his wife shortly before his death, "I saw some people crying in my dreams".

    14. We definitely have a dream in 90 minutes while sleeping and our longest dream comes in the morning which is from 30 to 45 minutes.

    15. If someone sees dirty water in a dream, it means that the dreamer is not healthy.

    16. It is written in our ancient Vedas that this world is really a dream and reality is something else.

    सपनों के 32 हैरान कर देने वाले तथ्य | 32 Surprising Facts of Dreams

    17. Dreams make us lucky. Before telling this step, we want to tell you that there are 4 stages of our sleep, one of them is Rapid Eye Movement. During this stage the pupils of our eyes move rapidly. During this stage we are dreaming. The state of dreams comes when we reach the REM stage of sleep. During this      state we experience sleep paralysis that means our body becomes almost paralyzed during this period. We are in the awakened state, but do not find movement. During this state we dream. We see the environment around us in an awakened state. Our mind becomes very active at this time. Many people suddenly wake up during this stage but still do not move. This state can last for 5 minutes until the parts of the brain become active again which are necessary for the movement of the body. Many people who spoke of subjugating themselves had actually passed through this stage.

    18. Dreaming teaches us. Dream unknowingly plays an important part in our intellectual development. During the REM state, the parts of our brain that we learn to read become very active, which is why children go through this state for a long time. We learn many new things during dreams, but we do not realize it after waking up. What we learn during the day, during dreams we become proficient in those arts.

    19. About 5 to 10 percent of people have terrible and scary dreams once a month. Someone runs after us in such dreams. Children of 3 to 8 years have more dreams of this kind.

    20. Ilias Howe discovered sewing machine. In his dreams he saw himself in captivity of the tribals who were about to burn him. During this time, the tribals were sewing their weapons strangely. But Elias understood the technique of sewing machine.

    21. James Watson, who discovered D.N.A with his friend Francis Crick, said, "I saw a lot of spire stairs in my dream."

    22. The higher the IQ, the more dreams one has.

    23. Young children do not have dreams for the first 3-4 years.

    24. The first book on dreams was written in Egypt and it was written about 6 thousand years ago.

    25. Many people think that the mind gets tired after a day's work, but it is not so. The brain functions more quickly than it does at bedtime.

    26. People who do not dream have a disease called "Personality Disorders". This disease is called "divisible personality" in Hindi.

    27. Many people believe that morning dreams come true but it is very rare that what they have seen in a dream has happened in the future.

    28. Many people suffer from sleeplessness. Actually it is a psychological disease. The possibility of this disease can be eliminated by sleeping properly at the right time.

    29. When we have a dream, we do not know from it that what we are seeing is a dream, then we call it "Lucid Dream". There are also some people in this world who can control Lucid Dream, such as flying in their dreams or time travel on their own. Frederik van Eeden (Friedrich van Eiden) first used the word 'lucid' to mean 'mental clarity'.

    30. You cannot read and write anything in dreams, even it is very difficult to see the time in a dream.

    31. We spend 6 years of our life dreaming.

    32. The reason for having nightmares at night is to dream sexy in sleep. Our eyes open only after dreaming, when we already know that faults are happening. If you masturbate from time to time, then the chances of having problems are slightly less.



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