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    Featured Article About The Singularity | व्यक्तित्व के बारे में विशेष लेख

    Featured Article About The Singularity

    Featured Article About The Singularity

    It Was not Meant to Be; Fate?
    Lance Winslow
          Do you believe in fate? Do you believe your life is predestined? Do you believe everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for your and everything that happens is his doing and since he works in mysterious ways you can never know what is next?
         Do you believe in your own free will; that you can create your own way. I believe you should challenge external forces, attack mediocrity, strike forth your new created reality and move beyond those forces, which hold you back. I believe that you must press on, if you must; fight! If you choose to fight, then choose to win. If you are not willing then do not go. If you are that committed, then go all the way and never give up. Show your spirit in its infinite power, you can will events to occur if you will persevere. If external forces are not consistent then they must change and make way. It is unacceptable for them to get in the way. Never accept such, because if you do you have given up you will and limited yourself. Once you do this you really are not "You" anymore, rather merely a messenger for another.
         People who hear such words somewhat agree but often say things like; “Sometimes it just isn't in the cards and you have to change your approach and keep taking cracks at it. Some things are meant to be others aren't and that gives me perspective.”
         Well, yes indeed we can all understand this perspective, but isn’t that really surrendering to fate? Isn’t that giving up, quitting and giving into fate and giving up your free will? Well, if you feel that way, go ahead, no one is stopping you, but do not expect me to follow suit or to follow the logic of your invisible barriers, which control all.
         I say that when you try and fail, it is nothing more than a minor set back and a signal to go out, work harder, try harder and make your dreams a reality. Nothing is guaranteed and if it were, would you really want it? And if it was given to you, would you appreciate it, respect it? Hard to say, but human nature predicts that no you would not.
         Some say well I am too old to change now; “I can’t do it, can an 80 year-old really start over?” I say to these folks say don't Ask me; ask Colonel Sanders! In fact go read; "The Golden Years" By Getty. Yet the fate-alists will insist there are things you cannot control and they are controlled by fate and they will not give up. They say things like “Despite our high intelligence, our advances and our hubris - that we can't control.”
         Really? Name one, can you? Well, some of the great thinkers of the day say you cannot choose when you are born or when or how you will die. Whereas this is a nice attempt at an example these brilliant minds are flawed in their thinking. For instance the speed at which science is moving forward, we will reach the “singularity” says Futurist Ray Kurzweil. What he is saying and I concur is that we will be able to cheat death soon thru technology of life extension. Although we may be humbled by a death by robot; that is to say; replacing body parts until one is no longer similar to the organic original. As far as choosing how we are born or when, how do we know for sure we cannot say when our life experience may begin? How would we know this is not a Virtual Reality game we are living? Those who choose to die, can choose when and how they die? In the future we may choose to live; That is a choice. And therefore cannot apply to the case for fate. Some would say that you might die in an accident. Yet I say that choosing to take a risk is indeed accepting the consequences in advance of the eventuality. Thus you have made a choice.
          The human spirit and will are so powerful, I tend to disagree with much of this Fate Theory, although do realize there are stimuli that are hard to overcome as humans, which do affect what choices we make. Fate is a very dangerous concept to accept and hold in your belief system. You see:
         “When a man commits himself to a fatalistic notion and concedes to limits, he will live within those limits and desperately so.” 
         All those who believe in fate or utter the words; “it wasn’t meant to be” are completely kidding themselves and need to re-evaluate what went wrong, which choices were made by whom which caused you or someone else to respond they way you did or take the risk you took, which caused the failure or problem you are now dealing with. Think on that.


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