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    Featured Article About The Singularity | Does the Promotion of Technology Lead to De-evolution?

    Featured Article About The Singularity


    Does the Promotion of Technology Lead to De-evolution?
    Lance Winslow
         Is modern technology making the human species weaker? Some think it is and many have nearly lost their sense of smell, sense of taste and intuition, which is a common trait throughout the animal kingdom, which includes people. Technology and Change always comes under fire from those who fear change, yet are we failing to heed the warning this time? Are we really moving technology so fast that people are not people anymore?
         Recently one humanist made a biting comment and said; “You see, the technology that many are promoting now has actually caused us to "devolve" yet is being promoted under the guise of progressive "evolution".
         Well yes that is a valid point and worthy of consideration and I for one agree that is one good argument against the rapidly increasing technology. And the potential eventuality of a “Singularity” of Human Evolution as Ray Kurzweil the Famous Futurist often states. But have we really taken a good look at the human race lately? The average human being cannot even get out of their own way. I mean we have 80% of the African Continent at 85 IQ, rest of the world at barely over that. In the US we are doing about 100, with public servants not allowed to be over 105 or the police departments will not hire them?

    Many believe that the future advances cannot go on without a total collapse of civilization and what it means to be human stating things like:

    “This propaganda will never sustain itself because there are still human beings out there that can "feel" the lack of integrity in this marketing.”

    Well wait a second now. We are about to solve all mankind’s problems and we are almost there. We will solve cancer issues, water crisis, weather control and so many problems which plague mankind through sciences of computers, biotech, new materials and robotics. And you see most humans really do not wish to work if they had their druthers, so why push them to do something they hate? Besides there really is no work ethic or integrity in most modern civilization anyway for that matter.
         So if robotics as an example can solve these problems that is a good thing and the humans are free to have more leisure time to evolve and catch up, ponder ideas and move into the future undeterred. Take my industry for instance I am in the car wash business and no one really wants to work you see, so fine I will build robots to wash cars. And as we recently saw with the DARPA Grand Challenge we can build them and drive them selves too.
        Additionally is technology causing humans to de-evolve or are humans sinking to the lowest common denominator? And is this modern technologies fault or is it a human problem? For instance, humans 30% would lie to you if they felt they might be able to make one dollar. Another 30% would lie to you to make $500 and 29% would for 1,000 to 10,000 dollars. So where is the lack of integrity that those who oppose technology are talking about here? It seems to me that de-evolution is happening in France with the riots lasting four weeks? Is that technologies fault? The warring tribes in Africa are killing each other and you do not see a lot of technology there? I hereby declare victory in the argument that modern advances in technology is de-evolving the human species and further wait for the next attack from those who fear change. Think on it.



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